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For the enjoyment and benefit of all visitors.

Your co-operation is appreciated.

Adults Only

No person under the age of 16 is allowed to stay on the site, or visit anyone staying on the site.

Arrivals and Departures

Arrival is from 12 noon and no later than 8pm.  Site fees or any balance which may be due, is payable on arrival by cash. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS.  Departure is by 10.30am unless by prior arrangement with the site owner.  Vacated pitches should be left clear of all property, refuse and litter.

Pitch Size

Each pitch will accommodate a unit (caravan, motor home or tent) up to 5 metres in width.  This is the TOTAL WIDTH and includes any additions such as awning, windbreak, gazebo or other extras, but excludes guy ropes.  If you know your unit is wider than 5 metres you should book a double pitch.  If you arrive not having booked a double pitch and your unit is wider than 5 metres, but extra space is not available, you will be asked to leave.  No refund will be given.


No more than 4 persons are allowed in 1 tent, unless permission is given by the site owner.


The following are NOT ALLOWED ON SITE: footballs, bicycle riding, kites, model aircraft, or similar items.


Dogs and other pets are welcome but must be kept under control at all times.  No animal is allowed to be loose on the site and must always be on a lead.  The lead of a tethered animal should be no longer than 2 metres outside the camper’s unit.  Any droppings left by a pet must be collected and disposed of in the bin.

Barbeques and Fires

Barbeques are allowed but MUST BE RAISED OFF THE GRASS.  If your barbeque does not have legs or is a disposable one, then please ask for bricks to raise it off the grass.  Cooking on the barbeque must be concluded by 11pm and the barbeque left to go out.  It is not permitted to use the barbeque as a receptacle to have an open fire.  Campfires are not allowed and there must be no possibility of damage to the ground.

Chemical Toilets and Waste Water

The contents of chemical toilets must only be disposed of at the designated disposal point, which is clearly signed and can be pointed out to you by the site owner.  Waste water must be collected in a receptacle and not allowed to flow on to the camping ground.  The contents of waste water containers must only be disposed of at the designated waste water disposal point which is clearly signed and can be pointed out to you by the site owner.

Vehicle Movements

Please drive as slowly as possible on site and no more than 5mph.  There should be NO vehicle movements on the camping site between the hours of 11pm and 7am.  If you know you will have to use your vehicle between those times, then it should be parked off site in the designated parking area, where you can access it on foot.  No commercial vehicles, vans or pick-up trucks allowed.

Returning to the Site at Night

We ask that all campers return to the site no later than midnight, with vehicles parked off site (see above) after 11pm.  This is to ensure minimum disturbance to others on the site.  If you are returning by taxi, you should be dropped off at the gate and walk in, so that engine noise and lights from the taxi does not disturb other campers.

Noise and Disturbance

Noise must be kept at a reasonable level at all times.  Loud noise of any sort is not acceptable.  This applies to radios, televisions, pets, or any other source.  There should be no noise whatsoever between 11pm and 7am, which means that barbeques should be concluded and social get-togethers should finish no later than 11pm.

General Behaviour

Respect must be shown to the landowner’s property, trees, farm buildings, equipment and stock.  If the site owner feels that a camper’s behaviour or the behaviour of their visitors or pets is causing a nuisance, and is not in line with the above rules, then the owner will ask the camper to cease the behaviour.  If they do not do so, the owner reserves the right to ask them to pack up and leave the site immediately.


The Proprietor accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to customers’ property, or for personal injury, or damage to cars, caravans, awnings, tents, or any vehicle parked at Fillybrook Farm.


No children under the age of 16 are allowed as visitors in line with the ‘adults only’ status of the site. If you have anyone visiting you during your stay, please inform the Site Owner on the day of their visit.

 The above conditions, where relevant, apply to all visitors.